The Art of Chess

What if artists were asked to make chess sets that were art, i.e. original and expressive. What might happen is this: Check out this story on DesignBoom that explores this proposition. My favorite chess sets are the ones by Rachel Whiteread and Barbara Kruger. If you’re in Milan, you can see them all!

Eat my Shorts

Remember Bart Simpson’s famous words from the 90s?  Of course you do.  Here’s an irreverent exercise for poet bloggers.  Check out the surrealist machine called The Eater of Meaning.   Type in the URL of your blog and start the engine.  The results are a cut-up version of your blog.  For example, the heading of my… Continue reading Eat my Shorts

Open 5

Here are eleven new words for you to play with today. papaya clicks torso flipping lunch tear hum-colored pocket toothpick 12:40 poems If they capture your imagination, add your writing in the comments section below.