“The poems in Teeth & Teeth risk simplicity—of the line, of language, and ultimately of desire. Language here is not fantastical or flexed, but quiet and intentional, precise—language is allowed to feel, to labor, to pulse. Because of this, the poems’ momentous hunger, anger, desire—the poems’ “teeth” if you will—are urgently and deceivingly near. As in “Desire Diary,” the desire is imperfect and inexplicable, a machine, even: Inside the mechanism, everyone / was handsome. Everyone / Came at it with a strange green / sound leaking from their / Lips. The momentum of desire in Teeth & Teeth—for a mother, a memory, a lover, a knowing, a world—is palpable and fast.”

—Natalie Diaz, judge of the Charlotte Mew Prize

Teeth & Teeth is the winner of the Charlotte Mew Prize, selected by Natalie Diaz. You can purchase it at Headmistress Press or


With an introduction by Laura Mullen, Dear Red Airplane is available for order at Seven Kitchens Press. It’s a limited edition of 100 copies. Gratitude and big love to Ron Mohring  for this beautiful publication. You can place orders here.

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