Eat my Shorts

Remember Bart Simpson’s famous words from the 90s?  Of course you do.  Here’s an irreverent exerciseBart_simpson
for poet bloggers.  Check out the surrealist machine called The Eater of Meaning.   Type in the URL of your blog and start the engine.  The results are a cut-up version of your blog.  For example, the heading of my Ashbery story below turned into:  I Wandering my Housewife Daydreams.  Add your favorite distorted headline as a comment.  Or write a new poem using that phrase as the title or first line.


  1. Hey, Robin. Would you mind if I used this prompt for a new poerty collaborative that’s starting? It’s called readwrite I’m supposed to help out with prompts. If you agree, I’d link to your site. You have really great prompts here. I also would like to submit the one you wrote about dividing the photo into 16 squares. Let me know what you think!

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