Open 100: The 100 Word Poem

Tomorrow is Pearl’s 100th day of school, a big holiday in Kindergarten, I am realizing. She wrote a 100 word poem for the 100 Museum, and I’m going to do one too, although it won’t get to be in any museum. If you’d like join us–and I hope you will–please leave a link in the comment section. Ready? Write.

[photo by Leo Reynolds via flickr]

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  1. The Big Bite

    Yesterday you and I laughed

    We explored animals

    We like mutts

    They cuddle, growl, kiss, smell, fetch, eat

    growl, protect, whine, and bark

    They chase balls and sniff bones outside

    The girl thinks puppies see grass as toys

    I say: pups smile beautifully

    Then I will talk and nuzzle with my dog Buddy

    I am ghostly

    We eat food and haunt the yard like magic

    Mom says soon

    our sister will dance and the wild breeze flies in everything

    Let me discover my joy happily

    My sleep is deep as a cat’s breathing

    Stars sailing in sky

    100 words by Pearl Reagler

  2. I am quite impressed with Miss Pearl. I like “the girl thinks puppies see grass as toys.” It’s rather clever and it has nice “s” sounds.

    Okay, here’s the poem I wrote last night:

    Knit Two Together

    My imaginary mother had nothing to say
    but I could knit one, pearl two
    through most of my problems,
    dreaming of tomorrow’s blanket.
    Aunt Lois was scolding me
    for dropping stitches
    so I told her through the rhythm of my clicks,
    “I fear the feet that walk behind me.”
    I never understood the point of yarning over.
    “Then learn to knit with wool,” she said.
    So I slip, slip then knit two together
    contemplating the worth of socks,
    when she suddenly drops a pair in my lap.
    I stare down,
    unsure what to do with the present.

  3. Cowering in a corner of my apartment
    in fear of a four pound Shih Tzu.
    No bite! No bite!
    Everyone said puppies are lots of work.
    Who listens to everybody?
    I like the wild souls walking the streets,
    talking, talking
    and not on cell phones.
    They have the message, in code,
    their minds like puppies,
    bouncing and bounding, eager
    to chew on whatever passes.
    No bite! No bite!
    The things a puppy wants
    cannot be faulted
    on the streets or in my home.
    Please! No bite!
    Everybody said the puppy would
    be a big job,
    meanwhile my husband wants me to get a job.
    Who wants a job?
    Besides everybody.

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