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NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has gained momentum over the past decade, and a number of best-selling novels–Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern– began in this veritable boot camp for writers. The appeal lies in the short intense nature of the project, with the product being a 50,000 word first draft. Daily word count goals keep you on track, and the NaNo site provides a supportive community. November is almost upon us. Perhaps THIS year is YOUR year?

Collage by Rex Ray

Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park

wits students in the rice art gallery
WITS summer campers write stories and poems while inspired by “Unwoven Light” by Soo Sunny Park, the art installation currently on exhibit in the Rice University Art Gallery.

The art installation “Unwoven Light” by Soo Sunny Park is currently on display in the Rice Gallery at Rice University. The combination of chain link fencing and colorful plexiglass converts the space into a kaleidoscopic wonderland. The exhibit will continue until August 30, 2013.

Soo Sunny Park "Unwoven Light" - Ric...
Soo Sunny Park “Unwoven Light” – Rice University Art Gallery – Houston, TX (Photo credit: Mr. Kimberly)


Igniters for Writers

Every writer gets stuck on occasion. When that happens, there’s hope. Check out the Writer Igniter app on the DIY MFA website. The program shuffles an e-deck of cards and provides you with a character, a situation, a prop, and a setting. You take it from there, imagination not included!

The DIY MFA concept is a cool one. I have an MFA in creative writing already, and I still find that I’m drawn to this site for ideas and inspiration. Congrats to Gabriela Pereira on a great project.

Resources for NaPoWriMo 2012

The official poster for National Poetry Month 2012 (Academy of American Poets)

If you’ve found a great source of writing prompts on the web, please share the link as a comment, and I will add it to the list.

DIY Dream Poem

Here's a fun sounding exercise from Read Write Poem. It's by Bruce Covey. Let us know if you give it a try!

X=13, Y=21

Where there are coins, there’s matter,
A narrow strip of over 700,000 in this province.
Today the birds are green and the roofs are woven
Of string. You pick the spot, please:
Its zoo built with moment upon moment of cola fountains
(although the one at the center sprouts ginger ale), or
The checkerboard landscape with a single checker making me sweat.
A nest of spiders spins its lines of code — where something is and isn’t —
underneath the netting, the surface para-graph,
A wooden barrel in front of every scrap.
Half kangaroo and half gorilla would be very versatile,
Especially here, where rain has turned the road to muck.
Next to the thicket and upon a rock, my translator
Teaches card tricks to all the babies, changes their diapers.
Later we played an asphalt fight until the killer bees,
Digitally enhanced, came — an extensive natural race
That brings the good in night, its tropical players.

by Bruce Covey

EOAGH 5: The Mega Mega Edition

Another amazing edition of EOAGH has been posted, and it's huge and, as I said, amazing!  Here's one by the poet Robyn Art. Please hustle on over and see the rest!


[Theories of Colony Collapse Disorder]

1.Because the river is full of holes. 2. Because his hands. 3. Because those were
the pearls that were his eyes. 4. Larceny. 5. Infamy. ^. The churlish disquietude
of the Tastee-Freeze truck. 7. Because of spinning it old school. 8. The same wack
shit. 9. Because lengthening shadows, doing their crepuscular dance. 10. Because
“crepuscular.” 11. High school (bad hair, misery.) 12. The very idea of him. 13.
Recurring dream #1: the house by the water (lake? ocean?) 14. Because the death
of analog. 15. Because the death of the push-mower. 16. Because death 17. in a kinda
general, all-around way. 18. Three weeks late. 19. Rescinded handshake. 20. Fantasy
baseball. 21. Collision of cosmic spheres, a dissonant humming. 22. Blood in the
drain. 23. Recurring dream #2: the Forbidden Room (blood-red drapes, a la The Shining?)
24. Because the day job 25. can’t swing the high overhead. 26. Sleeplessness. 27.
Her bituminous eyes. 28. Because Father Time, one seriously-underhanded motherfucker.
29. Broken strap. 30. Severed toe buried in sand. 31. Because he wanted to. 32.
Because he wanted. 33. Because he. 34. Flooded engine. 35. Invention of cheese-in-a-can.
36. Because genial affection, furious loathing 37. and tenderness. 38. Exhibit A:
syringe, rubber hose, earmarked copy of “Explore St. Louis!” 39. The way you heard
it. 40. Because the tongues of a thousand bedraggled and timorous mortals. 41. Because
rain. 42. Winter: a single thread, unraveling. 43. Better get. 44. Better get yo’
hustle on.

by Robyn Art

published by EOAGH

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