The Education Game

I am the guest expert on The Education Game podcast this week and got to talk with Matt Barnes and Scott Van Beck about writing, student-centered education, Writers in the Schools (WITS), and parenting. It was great fun! We talked about texting, journaling, how to get kids to love reading, and even my new book… Continue reading The Education Game


Cucumber, originally uploaded by Cupcake Mountain. I’m back with a cool Moleskine Monday post. Sorry for my long absence. Pneumonia took its toll. And then some!


P1000545, originally uploaded by notamax. Have a happy Moleskine Monday, folks!

When It Rains It

345/365, originally uploaded by Boz Schurr. Happy Moleskine Monday! This collage is from Boz Schurr, one of my favorite moleskiners on flickr!


6X6 avec Shelley, california, originally uploaded by gi.couture.