Newborn at Born Magazine

Check out the latest in poet/artist/composer collaboration at Born Magazine.  I always find something to love. Artists in this issue: Layne Braunstein, New York, New York Martin Brolin, Stockholm, Sweden Meredith Dittmar, Portland, Oregon Dave Selden, Portland, Oregon Writers in this issue: Dan Albergotti, Conway, South Carolina April Kopp, Chicago, Illinois Zachary Schomburg, Portland, Oregon

Open 48: Death and Shoes (Stolen from Linda Jacobs)

I like this writing exercise by Linda Jacobs so much that I’ve stolen it. Well, provided a link to it anyway.  Check out her idea of writing about death and shoes on the blog, Totally Optional Prompts. I think it’s a keeper. If you give this one a try, let us know. And you getContinue reading “Open 48: Death and Shoes (Stolen from Linda Jacobs)”

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Brian Eno and David Byrne recently finished their first collaboration in 30 years. The name of the new record is Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, and it is available exclusively from their Web site.  All formats can be downloaded immediately and physical CDs will be shipped in the Fall.

Suchu Dance

I got to see Babka performed by Suchu Dance this past weekend at Barnevelder in Houston.  It was  very amazing.  I wish I had better photography to share with  you, but here’s a link to a slide show from Suchu.  The word “slide show” sounds so antique, but this one actually does a good jobContinue reading “Suchu Dance”

The Be Blank Consort

In the "Cross Media" issue of Unlikely 2.0, you can find five compositions by the Be Blank Consort.  The Consort is a collaborative group of experimental writers dedicated to the creation and performance of sound-texts.   You can see their compositions and  listen to them performed as well. Here’s some of their self-description:   ‘The Consort wasContinue reading “The Be Blank Consort”

Find the Hidden Love Song

Hidden Love Song, by Arlete Castelo and Melissa Mongiat (who had previously created Gamelan Playtime) is an 18m long silver rub-off fresque. As passers-by scratch it, they uncover musical and visual love messages hidden through a world inspired by Mark-Anthony Turnage‘s concerto Hidden Love Song. The sound collage is made of scratching noises, extracts ofContinue reading “Find the Hidden Love Song”