Poem by Donald Revell

A line of hills Then a line of hills where the grass ends And heat travels through trees Into a happiness Akin to the great happiness of imaginary children Whitens the sky How wonderful and final My life becomes The grit of the deathbed earth grows soft A flight of swifts Lifts an agate meadow… Continue reading Poem by Donald Revell

Mirabeau Bridge by Guillaume Apollinaire

Under Mirabeau Bridge the river slips away        And lovers      Must I be reminded Joy came always after pain        The night is a clock chiming        The days go by not I We’re face to face and hand in hand        While under the… Continue reading Mirabeau Bridge by Guillaume Apollinaire


I think a big part of my motivation as a writer is that I love making things. Truth be told, I still dye Easter eggs every year (sometimes with a niece and nephew to legitimize the process, sometimes not), and it brings me joy. Artwork I’ve done at every age still hangs on the walls… Continue reading Artifacts