In the Wind , Moleskine Monday

In the wind , Mini moleskine page 11 Originally uploaded by Alkaline Samurai This man's journals inspire me, even on a Monday. Pulse (above)Molecular Intelligence (below)

The Postman

The postman Originally uploaded to flickr by Yubai K This photo might inspire those of you working on the Open 47 writing exercise (above), which asks you to write about light.

Boredom Produces Nonsense

  Boredom    Originally uploaded to flickr by implikacja Yes, it’s moleskine Monday again.  Open up your notebook and write down some noise.

The Edge of Sleep

  The Edge of Sleep    Originally uploaded to flickr by Ashψ Here’s something beautiful to accompany Robin Becker’s poem. I like the photographer’s comments on the picture: "Sometimes late at night, when you are falling asleep in front of the television, the world slows down and the colours blur. This is what that looks… Continue reading The Edge of Sleep

Yes, Moleskine Monday

  you are loved    Originally uploaded by luckyfish You are loved.  And look out for mega-love fest on blog reader appreciation day this coming Wednesday, April 16, 2008.

To Run through String

Running through strings Originally uploaded by louiskim Another great photo by Louis Kim taken at the Museum of FIne Arts Houston.