EOAGH 5: The Mega Mega Edition

Another amazing edition of EOAGH has been posted, and it's huge and, as I said, amazing!  Here's one by the poet Robyn Art. Please hustle on over and see the rest!


[Theories of Colony Collapse Disorder]

1.Because the river is full of holes. 2. Because his hands. 3. Because those were
the pearls that were his eyes. 4. Larceny. 5. Infamy. ^. The churlish disquietude
of the Tastee-Freeze truck. 7. Because of spinning it old school. 8. The same wack
shit. 9. Because lengthening shadows, doing their crepuscular dance. 10. Because
“crepuscular.” 11. High school (bad hair, misery.) 12. The very idea of him. 13.
Recurring dream #1: the house by the water (lake? ocean?) 14. Because the death
of analog. 15. Because the death of the push-mower. 16. Because death 17. in a kinda
general, all-around way. 18. Three weeks late. 19. Rescinded handshake. 20. Fantasy
baseball. 21. Collision of cosmic spheres, a dissonant humming. 22. Blood in the
drain. 23. Recurring dream #2: the Forbidden Room (blood-red drapes, a la The Shining?)
24. Because the day job 25. can’t swing the high overhead. 26. Sleeplessness. 27.
Her bituminous eyes. 28. Because Father Time, one seriously-underhanded motherfucker.
29. Broken strap. 30. Severed toe buried in sand. 31. Because he wanted to. 32.
Because he wanted. 33. Because he. 34. Flooded engine. 35. Invention of cheese-in-a-can.
36. Because genial affection, furious loathing 37. and tenderness. 38. Exhibit A:
syringe, rubber hose, earmarked copy of “Explore St. Louis!” 39. The way you heard
it. 40. Because the tongues of a thousand bedraggled and timorous mortals. 41. Because
rain. 42. Winter: a single thread, unraveling. 43. Better get. 44. Better get yo’
hustle on.

by Robyn Art

published by EOAGH

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