Today Pearl’s Teacher Asked That We Send Buttons

Wreck this journal day 4 …. Fill this page with circles
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to school for a counting project. I feel sad that we have no buttons. We are button-less. I wish we did have a whole bunch of colorful buttons, like these, in fact. Regardless of your status (button-wise or otherwise) this Sept. 14th, 2009, let me be the first to wish you: Happy Moleskine Monday.


  1. We have buttons because I ordered a box of buttons from Hearthsong (and add to it whenever I find random buttons around). It is fun to have buttons.

  2. So sorry you are buttonless. When they were little, my daughters used to love to play with a tin full of fancy buttons my mom kept for them. Aaah, memories. I will begin to collect some and give them to Marcia!

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