Moleskine Monday: Oh Baby

This is the artist/photographer’s note on flickr:

When Will It Be Larger Than Pocket Moleskine?

On his 3 months old day, I took some water color and painted his right foot, made this impression on the pocket size Moleskine. When will his feet be larger than a pocket size Moleskine? It will be interesting to do a comparison. Any guess from experienced fathers? Anyway, the original is a bit scarry, coz I used a light red paint which resulted in a bloody foot print. So this is digitatlly twisted to have a more pleasing look, besides Blue is spiritual to me.

Uploaded to flickr by Patrick Ng on 21 Apr 05, 10.17AM CDT.

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  1. I so enjoy the picture of the foot! Wow, that’s grand. Though the picture was made so simply, but it had touched me deeply. That’s the real magic of watercolor. Thank you.

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