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I recently discovered Notebookism, a blog dedicated to all-things-notebook. Here’s an excerpt of the About page written by the founder:

We all share a pleasant affliction – the urge to create on paper. 

smell of smooth creamy paper sends our hearts aflutter. The delicate tinkling of
nib against inkwell accelerates our pulse rate. We stare endlessly at the first
blank page.   

Welcome to Notebookism. This is the place to indulge
yourself with kindred spirits.

Notebookism will showcase our stories
and the methods to our madness, product reviews, mods (a.k.a. hacks)   
– the kind of links you’ve gotten used to in my other blogs. If it’s
notebook-related, let’s hear about it.

Armand B. Frasco

Controlando a minha maluqez by cecilia murgel - notebookism pool flickr

They have a flickr pool too.  Dive in, friends.

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