NaPoWriMo 2008 – Check In

NaPoWriMo is 2/3 through. How’s the month of poems going for you?  So far I’ve only missed one day, the day I did the taxes.  That seems reasonable, somehow. At first I thought everything I wrote was dreck, but lately I sense the outline of a poem in several of the drafts.  That what drafts are all about, right?  I’ve been using my LiveJournal blog. Outsiders can only read the most recent attempt.  Add me as your LJ friend, if you want to see the month-long trajectory.

Anne Boyer

Robert Lee Brewer

Sharon Brogan

Julie Carter

Shanna Compton (if not there, try Bloof)

Catherine Daly

Michelle Detorie

Carrie Ettar

Experiments in Daily Verse

Christa ForsterCad_36

Susana Gardner

K. Lorraine Graham

Janet Holmes

Geof Huth (vispo!)

Reb Livingston

T.A. Noonan

January Gill O’Neil

Danielle Pafunda (if not there, hanging with Shanna)

Alexis Quinlan

Evie Shockley

Carmen Gimenez Smith

Laurel Snyder

Christine Swint

Maureen Thorsen

Elizabeth Treadwell

Jen Tynes

Tria Wood

Here’s my list of NaPoWriMo players.  Leave me your name and link as a comment below, and I will gladly
add you to the list.  If you’re on the list and prefer anonymity, I can
arrange that as well!

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  1. Robin,
    Just an FYI, tho you may know it already. I’m also in the middle of writing a little collection of poems under the title “Credence,” with the requirement that I write at least one poem a day until I’m done. I began on March 28th and am 63 poems into it, but it goes straight through April so counts as a NaPoWriMo activity, though I’m not posting my daily results. I expect to finish in May and then spend a while editing them.
    Keep having fun and keeping us entertained. I like following your eye from place to place.

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