H030a100In a recent writing workshop, we did an altered page project based on A Humument by British artist Tom Phillips.  Phillips began in the late 60s "treating" a Victorian novel, page by page.  Apparently the project continued for 30 years.

We did a similar exercise.  For a base page, I gave three choices:

  • a page from the dictionary, D, as in dragonfly
  • a page from a long poem by Octavio Paz
  • or a page from one of your own poems

Modeling the exercise after Phillips’, we selected words that would remain and arted up all the rest of the space, using the selected words as a theme of sorts.H019a100 

I did a series of non-artsy pages over the summer.  My friend Warren "fed" me pages from The Egoist each time we met.  By the end of the fall I had six or seven poems from that interchange.  I haven’t sent any of them out because I’m still not sure what I think of them.  In good time….

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