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I read once that the music we listen to between the ages 18-24 is the music we revert back to for the rest of our lives. It provides us a measure for what music should be. It defines us. Is this true for you?

For me, this music would be what we called "college radio." Is that term ever used any more? It was the 80s, and I listened to R.E.M., The Talking Heads, and the B-52s, Elvis Costello and Laurie Anderson. I do still listen to them, I must admit. And although I continue to find new tunes to groove by–The Roots, Wilco, Radiohead, and Ani DiFranco–there is something central about the music of my youth. What was the first concert you attended?


  1. would have to disagree on that, I was never into Jazz at that age but am now. Although I do still listen to some of my older stuff like Floyd I hate most 80’s music now.
    Then again Im a big music fan so…
    And Hi, spotted you in a blog directory.

  2. First concert I went to was U2 –WAR. I was IN LOVE with Bono and sure that he would someday be in love with me, too. There’s still time for him to fall, although I’m not in love with him anymore.
    I guess I do revert to the music from my college/grad school days: Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Richard Thompson, Al Green, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Annie Lennox, John Hiatt, and Vaughn Williams, John Rutter and Poulenc( the latters because I sang in a choir in college).

  3. Yes! Seems we had the same 18-24 year old experience. Now I think I’m more tolerant and have a much wider scope, though.

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