Emily Dickinson starts one poem, “I’ll tell you how the Sun rose–/ A ribbon at a time–.” Probably for many of us, our visual perception of the world around us prevails over the other senses. At least it wouldn’t surprise me if that were true.

I wonder if anyone remembers the Noon Quilt? I’m not sure how well known it was. The project was sponsored by Trace, the online writing community located (although it’s irrelevant, really) at a university in the UK. Here’s how the Noon Quilt worked. At noon participants all over the globe wrote for one minute describing what they saw out of their windows. These observations were digitally “quilted” together and are displayed on the web site.

This project captured my imagination, and it still represents something very promising about the marriage of writing and technology, their potential to help us think and create something all together.

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