Cusp by Melanie Braverman

If the heron comes in low over the marshes, if it shadows the car as you drive west toward the sea, breakwater holding the lip of the coming tide at bay while the autumn sun cast one gold and pink sheen over the grasses like a spell, like all the secrets you tell yourself whileContinue reading “Cusp by Melanie Braverman”

Ultrasound by A.E. Stallings

What butterfly— Brain, soul, or both— Unfurls here, pallid As a moth? (Listen, here’s Another ticker, Counting under Mine, and quicker.) In this cave What flickers fall, Adumbrated On the wall? Spine like beads Strung on a wire, Abacus Of our desire, Moon-face where Two shadows rhyme, Two moving hands That tell the time.I amContinue reading “Ultrasound by A.E. Stallings”

Insomnia by Elizabeth Bishop

The moon in the bureau mirror looks out a million miles (and perhaps with pride, at herself, but she never, never smiles) far and away beyond sleep, or perhaps she’s a daytime sleeper. By the Universe deserted, she’d tell it to go to hell, and she’d find a body of water, or a mirror, onContinue reading “Insomnia by Elizabeth Bishop”

The Soul Within Woman by Rachel M Simon

Her voice deep ash and age throaty backstroke Years after the wandering uterus nailed and stapled I drew a Canadian map guidebook loaned out To scrape away the windshield’s ice thumbtack sculpture This cave unspelunkable vocal dreamland Melodies unmerry indigo plump curling tumbler Exact reminders of large mistakes adoption farce Padded envelope too large forContinue reading “The Soul Within Woman by Rachel M Simon”

The Forest of Sadness by Jason Bredle

Titling something I’ve Always Wanted to Title Something The Forest of Sadness is one thing but titling something I’ve Always Wanted to Title Something I’ve Always Wanted to Title Something The Forest of Sadness is just too much. In the film based on the musical titled The Forest of Sadness which is based on theContinue reading “The Forest of Sadness by Jason Bredle”

Mirabeau Bridge by Guillaume Apollinaire

Under Mirabeau Bridge the river slips away        And lovers      Must I be reminded Joy came always after pain        The night is a clock chiming        The days go by not I We’re face to face and hand in hand        While under theContinue reading “Mirabeau Bridge by Guillaume Apollinaire”