Bleat by Barbara Guest

drawn on the burden of light the pottery throw in bleat turning ballast makes fingers twitch shutters close “going to pour” wet to root and pavement tent sagging like an oyster “the city has another soul” gnat passes someone swallows “another soul” figurines “the city also” stole the bench and echoes blight and shuttered bleat… Continue reading Bleat by Barbara Guest

LEICA by Barbara Guest

Others about the embarking have reasons. I holding shreds carpenter leavings. Motions in the wind, wave rolling disturb sad plots, disturbing sad plots. Desolate places on the grass where birds are a light, Gather in midsummer, wood shingles, visionary house. Taking glances from tree to eave, bicyclist, car, dark green spots for the movement of… Continue reading LEICA by Barbara Guest