Big Theory by Susan Briante

A red woodpecker scales the live oak, while I sleep, the phone rings             makes its erasures: a demolition/construction a dream in which I’m revising a list with my father—gone the way of whole neighborhoods in the Bronx. Robert Moses shrugs his concrete shoulders Robert Moses, I say, drop the knife. In the summer of 2001, I lived… Continue reading Big Theory by Susan Briante

Fonder a Care Kept by Heidi Lynn Staples

I was barn. I was razed. I was mot this flame with no’s sum else blue’s blame noir yearning down the house. No, it was I and I blank I bandit blather that louse that fiddle-dee-dee little lame chimera that came as the name yes different. I wracked my refrain, that blousy souse. I was… Continue reading Fonder a Care Kept by Heidi Lynn Staples