Orchard in Fall by Nate Pritts

slow fields blink past                    orchard in fall                    the stream moves clear
slow moves in fields                    blink past stream fall                    the clear orchard
slow fall moves fields                    blink clear past stream                    in the orchard

orchard slow fall                    past moves in blink                    clear fields the stream
fall moves clear past                    slow stream in fields                    the orchard blink
the slow blink past                    stream clear in fall                    fields orchard moves

past moves slow blink                    in fields orchard                    fall the clear stream
blink slow past moves                    fall stream clear fields                    the orchard in
orchard in stream                    clear fall blink past                    moves slow the fields

in slow past blink                    orchard fields stream                    the clear fall moves
in fall slow blink                    the past moves clear                    orchard stream fields
slow stream moves past                    fields clear in fall                    orchard the blink

blink the orchard                    fields in slow stream                    past clear fall moves
the past moves blink                    orchard slow in                    stream fields clear fall
clear moves the stream                    fall in orchard                    past blink fields slow

by Nate Pritts

published in Dear Sir

as well as in his new chapbook, Descriptive Sketches

the photo was originally uploaded to flickr by amy allcock.

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