City Beach by Dora Malech

Bskar mouth

Your mouth said so long from so long said

high tide's not a timid girl is what is missing.

I could clap flippers skip the asterisk

and hop a plane. Some mouths say nets and not

nets to trust around anyone's daughter.

Ask what's on tap in the shape of a ship.

A mouth in a bottle is no kiss sealed

to sender. In it remainders and no answer

and a thin relic at that. Any ocean

is old enough to know better. Your mouth

to mine is departures arrivals a flawless ledger.

Some mouths say swim at your own risk say salt

again is stingy dinner. My mouth remains

a faithful measure. Some mouths say shark

in shallow water but I suspect the waves

wash in on empty and someone had to

truck in all this sand from elsewhere here.

by Dora Malech

published in Poetry London

and also by Verse Daily® 

photo by bskar via flickr

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