Absence Makes the Heart

Have you seen the wondrous new issue of Absent Magazine?  Exemplifying said awesomeness, I've re-posted "love Poem" by Lauren Ireland. Also represented in this issue are:

Dan Boehl
Karen Carcia
Darcie Dennigan
Jessica Fjeld
Andrea Henchey
Matthew Klane
Reb Livingston
Marc McKee
Daniela Olszewska
Matt Shears
Kim Gek Lin Short


Love Poem

I am not ready for dark    dear friend    I shout    and we walk

  • underground    a tiny city roars over    a tiny city below    and
  • it is hard to say this    I am dead tonight    I had been practicing
  • walking light    and slow    through a museum    the imaginary
  • groves    and turning to love you    rough like a clever boy but I
  • am dead tonight    friend    O kill me I am dead
  • by Lauren Ireland
  • photo by Michel on flickr
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