Fargo Bardo by Paula Cisewski

Fargo flood 2009 by glness via flickr

By sandbag

by flood

by fire and

by beetstink

by traincars

by offers

by youth

by wrinkledom

by hospital by

cowardice by

a slapdash collection

of ands by

a stalwart obsession

with carrion

birds by living

by living within

a set of

escape hatches by


by flood

by silence

by ricochet by

spores on the wind

by circus tent neighborship

by breathing

by motherhood

by fors and

by nors really

any conjunction

that sandbag

that flood

by witness by forgiveness by

forgetness by dreaming

by thoughtful love by

trainwreck love

by the luminosity

of the true nature

or even

by real dullness

of the spirit

hand me that sandbag

by the wine key

the flooding like clockwork

by poems about crossroads

by songs about crossroads

challenge that water

to a fistfight I

dare you I

am on a roll

and have just told

my typo keyboard

to fuck off

a river crests

by the corkscrew


not by songs about the luminosity

not by poems about the luminosity

sandbag atop sandbag

I don’t know about fate

but certainly

by accident

by northness

by entrapment

by vision

by death mostly

by some form

of death,

rebirth is

a real possibility.

But we could

be waiting here

awhile. Have we

prepared ourselves

for this waiting.

by Paula Cisewski

published in H_NGM_N

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