Anywhere in Particular by Heather Christle

I will leave this house     and go out into the
weather     there
are only so many ways to get out     I will use the window as a shield     and nothing can hurt
me     not rain     not migration     I need a truck     I need to drive
forever down the highway     carrying nothing     going out to meet the owls     hello owls     on a man-made hill     hello men     you dead men     beneath a separate
weather     and now
I am back in the truck
plain     I
could drive across Nebraska     and no one would notice     I don’t need to hide
at all anymore
something in the night sky changed     so slightly     I have to pay attention     and yes     their mouths are
ahead of the sound
there is no one to tell     I tell the truck     I tell Nebraska I am leaving     there are a million
ways out     one day
I will live on an island     all the time     I will send out a parcel     when the mail boat
arrives   look empty mail
boat     now you are

by Heather Christle

published in Octopus Magazine, Issue 12

Heather’s book, The Difficult Farm, will be published by Octopus Books later this year.

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