Visions from the Blue Plane-Window by Ernesto Cardenal Translated by Jonathan Cohen

In the round little window, everything is blue, land bluish, blue-green, blue (and sky) everything is blueblue lakes and lagoons blue volcanoes while farther off the land looks bluer blue islands in a blue lake.This is the face of the land liberated.And where all the people fought, I think: for love!To live without the hatred of exploitation.To love one another in a beautiful landso beautiful, not only in itself but because of the people in it,above all because of the people in it.That’s why God gave us this beautiful landfor the society in it.And in all those blue places they fought, suffered for a society of love here in this land.

One patch of blue looks more intense…And I thought I was seeing the sites of all the battles there,and of all the deaths,behind that small, round windowpane blue all the shades of blue.

by Ernesto Cardinal published on

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