Saline by Barbara Maloutas

way before breakfast
way before I usually             leave for work
I call Norma                        she is east
                          this is business
I know her voice hear
its voice-mail version            in
Saline     Michigan                over again          (must be lake-coastal—
the reference to salt)
it's an either/or                     take or leave and don't ask

what is time
what time is
who's serving it                  not why but what
for further details use the full-on
                       navigation system
a drag of knots                   counting beats

press one
if you want to avoid
the long explanation
                       it may not apply

she is busy                      stringing another line
or just not there or if still (still there)
around somewhere           used to almost
expecting a page
                                      a full moon tangle

accidentally drawn tight
some quarter lapse of time
and we tie nerves            so bundled under star blood sails
                         my own voice crackles

by Barbara Maloutas

from her book the whole Marie (Ahsahta Press)

republished in Poetry Daily


photo by 1happysnapper via flickr

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