Poems About Me by Jordan Davis

The poems I like
Tend to be about me.
They speak to my
Condition of being
Who I am, and how
I got to be this way.
Sometimes they’re
Funny, but other
Times I could do
With a little more
Flattery. But after
All, it ought to be
Flattery enough
That the poems
Are about me,
Right? I suppose
I ought to ease up
A little, but it’s
So difficult when
I can’t get
Constant adulation
Beaming at me,
Keeping the lasers
From shooting
Out of me at
Innocent street
Lights. Bad
Lasers! No more
Oak bark
For your puckering
Flange until
You learn
How to be good
So that I don’t need
To crush
The thousands
Running around
Screaming in front
Of the blue screen.

by Jordan Davis

published in Jacket 30

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