Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat by Sarah J. Sloat

Jardin de luxembourg paris by anni franni via flickr
My homesickness outlasts Hades' blazes,

swilling back and forth in the beer between

my tongue and the mug's deep ulcer.

It was last seen in Lisbon and, later, looming

in a museum of phlegmatic painters who

prized the Madonna above salvation.

My mug is rimmed with frost, an analgesic.

I peer over its horizon to see a toy boat

wobble on the Biergarten pond.

The mug's a sun going down in my mouth.

It alps up like a snowglobe, mountainous

with lipstick ridges. Inside my father bows,

shoveling snow. He looks beyond me, turning

to wave at my mother in the window as she

sucks the life from the ice cube in her martini.    

by Sarah J. Sloat

published in The Dirty Napkin

[photo by anni franni via flickr]

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