Another Comment on the Text by Noah Eli Gordon


                                    after David Shapiro

           Out of the evening, ash ate the ground
A mouth of identical substance was deleted and the dress,
                      torn to glittering scarves, less carelessly
Four survivors walked out of the Indian
tidal wave.
Earth as clouds, clouds as a corpse
Evening as a victim one fully rendered
In wide white chalk and suturing the darkened center
Of its ownerless outline.

And a leaden skiff leaving us on land
January in July and the Old Testament
Proper nouns: presence.

Performance, pageantry, coup de grâce.

Like the dull female peacock near the grey fir

Palpable isolation and palpable intention. Protuberance.
Prisca’s grave prelude.
Innocence white Experience glossy red Songs are always green
I shun you in reach
I find you in distance
Your mask like a forest painted on both sides of the stage

by Noah Eli Gordon

published in New American Writing #26

Virginia 1208 182

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