The Hannukkah Project: The Sound of Light by Julianne Swartz


Text from Artdaily:

This site-specific work is inspired by the Hanukkah story, exploring
the theme of light cutting through darkness, both visually and aurally.
The visitor picks up an amorphous, custom designed receiver created by
Ms. Swartz. At each listening location, the receiver will resonate with
familiar and unfamiliar sounds. Between each site, the listener will
hear static, offering the aural equivalent of darkness. Labels with
descriptive and poetic text mark the locations where the sounds can be
found. Each sound site and label is linked to a specific object or area
in the exhibition. Experienced as a whole, the sound and text create a
connection to the objects on view. 

The Jewish Museum will present The Hanukkah Project: The Sound of Light by Julianne Swartz from December 21, 2008 through March 15, 2009.  The Sound of Light is on view Sunday through Thursday.

[via Artdaily]

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