Meet Charles O. Hartman

Hartman book cover Ahsahta Press publishes so many cool books. I had not heard of Charles Hartman before I read about this book on their website.  Apparently much of Hartman's work is related to and inspired by jazz.  Here's one about Miles Davis:

Flamenco Sketches: Miles

Still fall
Another drift of sunshine
A day, and then some
No need for snow

Strange creatures scaled down
We tune a canny ear to the unmoved hour

Strung high, the icy cloud sings of a blue trapped in a blue
And so: too

Off on one hand the rind of an undiscarded moon
Off-season fields lie paralyzed for some Persephone
Her place held firm by a zero
Between's return

Then again, the spring's wound one way

by Charles O. Hartman

from his new book New & Selected Poems

published by Ahsahta Press

Miles to miles cd cover

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