Made from Ike

Made from ike - phoenix by john paul van domelen

Houston is not known for its recycling excellence but that reputation might be changing. Fresh Arts is sponsoring a competition for artists using Hurricane Ike debris as their medium. You can see photographs of the entries on Flickr. Aspiring Ike artists have until October 20, 2008, to submit a photograph of their creations. 

On Friday, Oct 24, 6-8 PM at
Caroline Collective´s courtyard Fresh Arts will throw a party, a
celebration of art and perseverance, called Made From Ike. A $2,000 prize will be awarded. Judges will be Diane
Barber, David Brown, Marcy DeLuna, JB
& Marita Fairbanks, Jonathan Glus,
Rainey Knudson, and Jennifer LeGrand. For more information about this event, click here.

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