Zone: Zero by Stephanie Strickland

Open Cage

To forget what has happened is a sacrament, an access
of power: the furor of these bronze leaves helpless to surround
a shrieking

ball of birdsong
gathered underneath towering
cauldrons of gold.

For nothing do you grieve. They twitter, the sound
careening like curraghs on unnavigable water. Nothing.
Clamor. The wind dies down. Memory

visibly burning in the gold sea of the air,
cinders drifting on the black gold of the ground.

by Stephanie Strickland

from her new book Zone: Zero published by Ahsahta Press (2008)

Birdsong by alice on her blog kitefish

Art by Alice via her blog Fly Like A Kitefish

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  1. Robin, this picture is great. I used this image to write a poem postcard. Here’s what came out.
    Abbreviate the fluctuations of her throat;
    Erected birdsong flutters upon her tongue.
    Delineation is sussed out on the third note.
    Naughty cicisbeo forgotten, she sung.
    Yearn spurred her voice to connote
    Nostalgia as her last song was sprung.

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