Interval by Sharon Osmond

                meanwhile a given fall          sheer challis    

                                in red waver                    as day goes            

                slant in vowels

                said            and tall-backed chairs                  

                a walled opacity        weak-windowed at

                the hour of him         pale and bluish under

                all and wrapped         in weeds                the smell of

                                        graves on him and thick water

                the rest                night-cleft             torn            that other

                door a rift

                where are the nouns      she asked      and all the words for clouds

                then she turned toward the red division blurred as if chalked

                                —horizon marking muddled dusk

                        from footfall written

poem by Sharon Osmond

published at ars poetica

Intervalography by agrinberg via flickr

photo by Alan Grinberg via flickr

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