Myomancy by Michelle Detorie

In the bedroom of November as November
makes its rounds, a mother’s whisper circles.

A mother’s babies inside the stairs;
A mother’s daughter in the bath.

Dim bodies in dust beneath the furnace,
A subtle organization of the darkness;

Life in the margins of a house, a house
going round in November.

In her bed, the daughter stirs as the mother
reads. The mice are writing too.

The alphabet of nesting, the hoarded
Baby in a cradle, mouse in a hole.

Daughter in a nightgown, mouse in a hole.

November sky in the street’s puddles;
water revolving beneath a bridge.

Mother and Daughter like old sheets,
barley visible through brittle lamplight.

Mice flickering like November snow,
barely audible in a widened wall.

by Michelle Detorie

published by Cranky Literary Journal

*myomancy is a form of divination by means of mice

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