Avoid go but went Went where, out out amongst words there

So, being benign void longing ethics then bending

How about it roustabout drilling deeply into middle earth

I was a roughneck land laborer I mowed endless civic greens

The men said slow down with the weed whacking

Exchanging sky with campground fire Went venting picking up

Refuse We wore boots of thick cow leather

The roof slanted toward the lake

Peterson announced the great tureen of ear

We partook, we partook

Colons bulging eggplant proportions were the shipwrecks

Gunky oil yet she managed to wear a ravishing corona

Bobbing bubbly scanning scansion with thick inside saying    

You done it

I’ll have tea with this ear, thank you   

Then bobbing again

For appellations

Horrible tablatures in a picnic setting Sincerity danced a Balanchine ballet

With mental commitment robots      

The jewels bled blood    

Ketchup in a revolving rebellion, GM   

I-ness witness   

They weren’t born me said death

by Brenda Iijima
published in the new issue of Coconut

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