Lostness by Kazim Ali

dear God of blankness I pray to dear unerasable

how could I live without You if I were ever given answers

the summer thickens with lostness

lovers who will not touch each other but look out into space

  thinking I do not belong in the world

  news always travels inland but how can this storm

  be undone or the treacherous rain unravel or the train

  arriving one street over and all night long

  on an island at the end of islands a foresworn vow

  a river blasted through and another river filled in

  dear afternoon God dear evening God my lonely world

  the circles of water and wanton violence

  dear utterly unmistakable ether

  dear Lostness your careless supplicant drops everything

  and rakes over me on his way to an implacable place

by Kazim Ali

published in GutCult 9

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