2:09 a.m. IM by Janet Holmes

enjoying life as

a nobody?

we’re both no bodies this way

(as in pixels & ether

"there’s 2 of us u know"

& random

mais oui

"imagine unconventional beauty"
u said

mais oui

(may we? we

(or may not)

if i meet u f2f some day
i won’t even know it



dont u think thats weird

face to face
u know, in person
meeting in the flesh

(im afraid to use
my o so bad french w/u)

hard concept that

i was almost convinced
u were fictional

figment of a late-night screen

i am entirely nonfictional

well, camouflaged then

this isn’t hiding

i’m very open with u

which is y pix is a good idea

multiple !!s are assaultive

u hide yourself otherways

incredulous!!!! that’s all

for gods sake


looking at something directly
changes it

lets not

by Janet  Holmes
from her book F2F  published by University of Notre Dame Press
appearing originally on Poetry Daily

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    Into The Blue, originally uploaded by ju_urrutia.
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