Just Like Poor Tom’s Hair

Here’s another poem from a brand new journal that I mentioned last month called Mrs. Maybe.  This poem is one of my favorites. It’s by co-editor  Jared Stanley.

Just Like Poor Tom’s Hair

you have a moon
that you are made of,

moon grey
and copse-color,
a far gauze,
                lunaire, lunaire,
motley with skin gleams,
mere in its shitfulness

like Poor Tom’s hair,
a bric-a-brac attempt,
a glint,

to hid or rest
in undergrowth.

White flag or heal-all,
you send me
kisses made of no

because I’m made of money
and don’t care what the night is for
in the capacious branch shadows.

A figured owl in the teeth
of mama nature’s last laugh.

you can’t win.
You’re wallpaper,
a head on the ramparts,
or a compass of hinges
in a city’s sky.

Free, free, free;
we are made of fire
and you are
made of cheese.

by Jared Stanley


"Angry Hair" by Pearl, age 3.5

Mrs. Maybe enthusiasts can check out their new blog here.


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