Mrs. Maybe

Mrs. Maybe
#1 has arrived.  Mrs. Maybe is a  Journal of Skeptical Occultism with the tag line:  "Stop seeing things and let the scene begin."

The first issue features new poems written by Jessica Savitz, Kyle Kaufman, Avery Burns, Megan Breiseth, Catherine Theis, Stephanie Young
, Scott Inguito, Lauren Levin, Julie Choffel, Graham Foust
, Steve Kramp
, Jared Stanley, Aaron McCollough
, Marisa Libbon
, Sandra Lim, and Tyrone Williams, plus a
Robert Duncan
top ten list from Lisa Jarnot, with cover art by George Chen.

Copies of the magazine cost seven dollars postage paid.  If you live in the Bay Area, there will be a  reading at
Canessa Park Gallery
in San Francisco
on Sunday, November 11th
, at 3pm.  Congrats to Lauren Levin and Jared Stanley, the editors of this journal.

Here’s a sample of what the Mrs. has to offer:

Still Life of the Herd

I am perfume without its bottle on! A steeple  headdress you offer me?
I humiliate the grass.
No mercy for the obscene!  Someday I will wear a hound’s tooth coat I swear to
    Christ Almighty
I sharpen my pencil with a knife and have hugeous hands!
I wear an orange robe
5,679,327 pure gold batteries and genuine leather twigs to pin up my black hair!
I read a novel and little hairs fall all over the page:
"All the animals steaming over the hill."
Will you triumph in the after-life cycle?  I mean there I am
with the other young feeding upon my own sloppy breasts.
I move through the still frozen clouds of snow.
I campaign for decadent feed.
I shower off my education.
I am the one who told them to use hammers inside the pianos.  Treatment
of musical areas.  Earliest popular music of all nations:  Let us jump
three times as the star lands.  Enough.

People within the improved fences of picnics stepping over
a single mountain.

by Jessica Savitz
published in the first issue of Mrs. Maybe

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  1. I know I’ve been stopping by here a lot. You always showcase the most interesting poetry.
    This one’s a gas! I want to paint a picture of it, or be Mrs. Maybe for Halloween. She’s an Earth mother and mythological beast. I love it!

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