O, and Green by Paul Hoover

size without design

past without a history

at what height

midday enters

swinging its gate. . .


and this much later

presented in language

not in perception


the field’s

white design

an old bone sequence


contemplation’s  edge

planned as a texture

we are playing

a game of appearance


the what world leaks

on the language hand


to say another

and mean knife

among the pub crawlers


emotional voices

hands in water:

eyeless spies

of a discontent evening                                                 


the warm mind shrouded

humorous and astute

rumors we carried                                                                     


who cannot endure

silence or size

infinity’s brief



each curve of the water

redesigns light

bends seeing briefly


in which pattern

deepening the background

the fourth eye canters   


a footprint goes

straight to these windows


sand blown sand city

along the coast




—Paul Hoover


“O, and Green” from Winter Mirror (Flood
Editions, 2002)

(via ars poetica)


Carrot Field by Kathy Kilgore


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