Born Turns 10

The huber online journal for art/literature/technology collaboration, Born Magazine, is turning 1Colin_johnson_art_for_born_5070.  Are we feeling old yet?  Here’s what you can find in their anniversary issue:

Two Trains

Writer: Victoria Chang / Artist: Jonathan Yuen

The Blank Missives

Writer: Esther Lee / Artists: Chris Erickson


Writer: Rebecca Givens / Artist: Monica Ong


Index for X and the Origin of Fires
(Just Born, 2006)

Writer: Ander Monson  / Artist: Jer Thorp

Why Do You Stay Up So Late? (Just Born, 2005)

Writer: Marvin Bell  / Artist: Ernesto Lavandera

My Neighbor’s Wife (Just Born, 2004)

Writer: Timothy Liu / Artist: Rob Heasley

Spectacular Attacks (Just Born, 2003)

Writer: Joyelle McSweeney / Artist: Kevin Cornell

Story Problem (Just Born, 2002)

Writer: Terri Ford / Artist: Erik Loyer

Tokyo My Love (Just Born, 2001)

Writer: Kevin Canty / Artist: Andrew Bruntel

Sky (Just Born, 2000)

Writer: Christina Manning / Artist: Hillman Curtis

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