Fun with Spam

The clock is ticking on this one.  Make a poem out of spam and enter it today.  Here’s the scoop on the Spam Poetry Game, Round 2.  It’s an email from Cecil Touchon.

Date: Mon, 7 May
2007 20:42:42 -0500Spam_2

From: Cecil
Touchon <touchon at SPRYNET dot COM>


The following are the instructions for Round Two (Round
One happened on 5/21/2005.)

You can see the results from round one here.

Below are some random words found in some recent spam

Did raise,
sure surface. Again, widely, I pass. Plant complete

hundred fast high. Dog interest car letter. Ground,

life hat, lay. North paint thought map. Among end night

then much complete. Game, age grow a. Other row burn

      hand art
and eye. Little field own for get use, mile. Left need

      by bat
region. Ready either energy earth. I, men captain must,

      will me
burn. Had, see, seem, was head sit.

Please take this material and do with it
what you will to create a poem. If you add words put them in brackets. If
you remove  anything put it as a remainder after the poem. Here are the rules. Time limit 48 hours
from this email.

send your poem to info at ontologicalmuseum  dot org 

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