Trains and Pools by Sarah Blackman

a coal train passenger train scrap metal train chemical train vegetable
train livestock train passenger train auto part train graffiti train
coal train coal train hydrochloric acid train ear of corn train parrot
train goldfish train train for chairs with out their legs table train
train for all furniture from Sweden imperfect train train of hope. A
robot train. A meter train. A rules train. An egg beater train. A crate
train. A train crating. A passing train. Pigeon train. Extinction
train. Fumes

under the water breath is an enemy that pins body to surface
(breath breath) I swim like an enemy also and flip turn push a torpedo
or seal flip turn a flurry of strokes at the surface a body either ends
or begins and noise starts up. the Chinese families. the bald aqua-man.
in training, the girls in bikinis and water wings. his body also like a
seal, muscles, animal, pushing off the wall with the toes I will suck,
the flexed arch I will walk my tongue across like dancing down a long
road (breath) and at the end (breath) the tracks (breath) pointing out

by Sarah Blackman

published by 4AM Poetry Review

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