A Poem a Day

If you want to receive a poem a day via email during April, National Poetry Month, send an email to Writers in the Schools (WITS) at this address: mail@writersintheschools.org.  These are not just any old poems; they’re poems written by bonafide children.  Here’s a free sample:

On the Other Side

I walked into a tunnel of blue

light and on the other side I

saw a world where mother

held babies, where muscle

men fall down, where ship

fly, where men take care of

men, where there is a castle,

where cats cry out loud, where

women have wings, where

birds sing, where there is

a heaven.

        by Ali, age 10


Actually the entire month of poems is 100% free.  Poetry and air have a lot in common in that both are free.  Quality can vary however!

Request your poem a day by emailing WITS.

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