Born Yesterday

A new issue of Born Magazine is up. Each edition of Born features collaborations of poets, web designers, and composers.  A good one to start with is Another Evening Reminiscing by Jan Weissmiller and Matt Krygowski.

The 1000 Journals Project

The  1000 Journals Project is an ongoing  experiment (can experiments be ongoing?) in which  random collaborators make books together.   I’ve been keeping journals for years and go to this website for instant inspiration.  It’s wonderful.

Soft Architecture

I’m just learning about Canadian poet Lisa Robertson through Ron Silliman’s blog.  Here’s the first few paragraphs of her manifesto, Soft Architecture: The worn cotton sheets of our little beds had the blurred texture  of silk crepe and when we lay between them in the evening we’d rub, rhythmically, one foot against the soothing foldsContinue reading “Soft Architecture”