How2 remembers Barbara Guest

How2 has posted a touching MemoryBank of Barbara Guest.  I enjoyed visiting. in the rhythmic … ceiling … red flagged … rag clefs … notational margins … the unfinished … cloudburst … a barrel cloud fallen from the cyclone truck … they hid under a table the cloud …

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The Lives of the Poets

In December Jeff wrote a comment on this blog about his reading plans for the winter break.  I’d been meaning to write something about the biographies of poets, and his comment came at a very welcome moment: I have insane reading habits that come with doing scholarship (like reading about twenty books at once), but… Continue reading The Lives of the Poets

Size Matters

One of the contemporary poetry list-serve groups I’m following is discussing what makes a major poet.  And, by turns, what makes a minor poet minor.  I’m probably just being plain ornery, but I find the topic off-putting.  In the poetry world (as it were) I get the sense that there’s a lot of energy that… Continue reading Size Matters

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A Berryman House

Here’s my true confession for today. Way back when–almost 20 years ago–I admit that as a student I wrote some sonnets. That is what students do, right? Recently one called “A Berryman House” was published in an online journal. It’s strange to see your older work getting published. My friend Cynie Cory published American Girl… Continue reading A Berryman House


I think a big part of my motivation as a writer is that I love making things. Truth be told, I still dye Easter eggs every year (sometimes with a niece and nephew to legitimize the process, sometimes not), and it brings me joy. Artwork I’ve done at every age still hangs on the walls… Continue reading Artifacts

How to Stay Curious

I’ve been considering the possibility of starting a blog about all-things-poetry for many months now. It’s not that I think I have the answers. Or even the questions. I’m not looking for a soapbox. But I am interested in the blog as zocolo, as town square, a place of exchange and conversation. I attended two… Continue reading How to Stay Curious