Into the Often Because

I have a fascination with art by writers, especially the writers that I already like. Maybe that why I like this wonderful post about the wonderful poet, Mary Ruefle. The piece is by Douglas Glover on his web magazine Numero Cinq.  In the post Doug shares postcards and stories about the poet. Here’s my favorite.

My AWP Campaign Statement

A number of people have said nice things about my AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) campaign statement, so I decided to make it public. If you are an individual member of AWP, you are eligible to vote in the election. The deadline is November 22nd. I am honored to be nominated to theContinue reading “My AWP Campaign Statement”

My First Chapbook is Out: Dear Red Airplane

My chapbook “Dear Red Airplane” arrived in today’s mail. It is published by Seven Kitchens Press. I suppose it’s both good news and bad news that it is already sold out. Seven Kitchens is a micro-press and they specialize in artful booklets in small print runs. If you’d like to request a second run, youContinue reading “My First Chapbook is Out: Dear Red Airplane”

The Poets: NaPoWriMo 2011

Here’s a list of poets participating in NaPoWriMo 2011. If you’d like your blog link added to (or subtracted from) the list, just leave it in thecomment section. In an effort to save time I carried over my list from last year.  If you’d like to set up a free blog, is an easyContinue reading “The Poets: NaPoWriMo 2011”

Newborn at Born Magazine

Check out the latest in poet/artist/composer collaboration at Born Magazine.  I always find something to love. Artists in this issue: Layne Braunstein, New York, New York Martin Brolin, Stockholm, Sweden Meredith Dittmar, Portland, Oregon Dave Selden, Portland, Oregon Writers in this issue: Dan Albergotti, Conway, South Carolina April Kopp, Chicago, Illinois Zachary Schomburg, Portland, Oregon

Dusie Pussipo Stonecoast Femiganza

AWP 2010 Dusie Pussipo Stonecoast Femiganza Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 Location: at Packing House Center for the Arts, 835 E. 50th Ave. Denver, CO 80216 map Time: 7:00PM-10:00PM Cost: FREE! Everybody welcome! Website: Featuring: Bronwen Tate, Ann Bogle, Jennifer Karmin, Marthe Reed, Annie Finch, Amy King, Cara Benson, Mackenzie Carignan, Danielle Pafunda, Deborah Poe,Continue reading “Dusie Pussipo Stonecoast Femiganza”

Bleat by Barbara Guest

drawn on the burden of light the pottery throw in bleat turning ballast makes fingers twitch shutters close “going to pour” wet to root and pavement tent sagging like an oyster “the city has another soul” gnat passes someone swallows “another soul” figurines “the city also” stole the bench and echoes blight and shuttered bleatContinue reading “Bleat by Barbara Guest”

Orchard in Fall by Nate Pritts

slow fields blink past                    orchard in fall                    the stream moves clear slow moves in fields                    blink past stream fall                    the clear orchard slow fall moves fields                    blink clear past stream                    in the orchard orchard slow fall                    past moves in blink                    clear fields the stream fall moves clear past                    slow stream in fields                    the orchard blink the slow blink past                    stream clear in fall                    fields orchard moves pastContinue reading “Orchard in Fall by Nate Pritts”