Love Letter by Emily Kendal Frey

This letter is not liver-spotted or decaying. Ferns feather this letter. Never will this letter be referred to as an institution, nor will it endure or persevere. This letter has lilt. Clearly, this letter lives somewhere lush. It does not possess charisma, only depth. This letter is not drenched in burgundy hues. This is theContinue reading “Love Letter by Emily Kendal Frey”

How Google Celebrates

I like the way Google creates logos for occasions in particular locales. It makes a huge conglomerate seem more personal. For example, you'd have to be googling from Japan to e-celebrate Isamu Noguchi's Birthday. You can see a collection of past Google doodles here.

Teresa Miro

I found Teresa Miro on the Spraygraphic Community site. The captions are as awesome as the artwork. Here's the one for the picture below: "He introduced himself as a young man of certain background and renown, but he was still a horse." From a text by Enrique Rodriguez Garrett.

Absence Makes the Heart

Have you seen the wondrous new issue of Absent Magazine?  Exemplifying said awesomeness, I've re-posted "love Poem" by Lauren Ireland. Also represented in this issue are: Dan Boehl Karen Carcia Darcie Dennigan Jessica Fjeld Andrea Henchey Matthew Klane Reb Livingston Marc McKee Daniela Olszewska Matt Shears Kim Gek Lin Short ~ Love Poem I amContinue reading “Absence Makes the Heart”